Peter Barnes

Peter Barnes is an innovative thinker and entrepreneur whose work has focused on fixing the deep flaws of capitalism. He has written numerous books and articles, co-founded several socially responsible businesses (including Working Assets/Credo), and started a retreat for progressive thinkers and writers (The Mesa Refuge). He has served on numerous boards, including those of the National Cooperative Bank, the California Solar Industry Association, Businesses for Social Responsibility, the Rainbow Workers Cooperative, Redefining Progress, Greenpeace International, and the Center for Economic and Policy Research. His books include Capitalism 3.0 (2002), Climate Solutions (2008), and With Liberty and Dividends for All: How to Save Our Middle-Class When Jobs Don’t Pay Enough (2014). He holds a BA in history from Harvard University and an MA in government from Georgetown University.
  • GTI Contributions

    Common Wealth Trusts: Structures of Transition

    August 2015

    Modern society is imperiling our collective natural and cultural inheritance. New institutions like common wealth trusts can enable us to protect these resources and share their benefits equally, countering the tendency of contemporary capitalism to destroy nature and widen inequality.

    Commentary by Tom Bowerman, Thomas Hanna, Marjorie Kelly, Rajesh Makwana, James Quilligan, Brent Ranalli, Neera Singh, Elizabeth Stanton, Andy Stirling, and a response from the author