Josu Ugarte

Josu Ugarte is the former President of Mondragon International, the international unit of Mondragon Corporation, the world’s largest group of worker-owned cooperatives, with operations in Brazil, Chile, China, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, the United States, and Vietnam. He is an expert in strategy, global competitiveness, management, and globalization of small and medium-sized enterprises. He is the author of Cómo salir de la crisis (2010) and España está en crisis. El mundo no (2013). He holds a degree in economics from the Basque Country University.
  • GTI Contributions

    Worker Cooperatives in a Globalizing World

    October 2015

    The former president of Mondragon International discusses how Mondragon, a renowned worker-owned cooperative, puts democracy and solidarity into practice, and shares his insights on the future of global cooperative enterprise.