Workers of the World Unite (At Last)

To confront global capital, labor must itself globalize. Indeed, unions are already starting to organize transnationally, a harbinger, perhaps, of a new international to come.

Planetizing the Labor Movement

A Roundtable of prominent labor scholars and activists explores the way forward for global labor solidarity.


  • A World Political Party: The Time Has Come

    Heikki Patomäki

    February 2019

    How can we take control of our common future? A world party can provide the overarching political agency we need.

  • Party Time?

    February 2019

    An exchange on a world political party featuring Vicki Assevero, Michel Bauwens, Andreas Bummel, Kavita Byrd, Joseph Camilleri, David Christian, Richard Falk, Ashish Kothari, Valentine M. Moghadam, and William I. Robinson, with a response from Heikki Patomäki.

  • The Cosmopolitan Impulse in an Entangled World

    Kwame Anthony Appiah

    February 2019

    Our interdependent world needs a capacious ethos. Moral philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah discusses the importance of cultivating a “rooted cosmopolitanism.”

  • Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future

    Michael Löwy

    December 2018

    “Green capitalism” is an illusion and twentieth century socialism is a perversion. We need a new model and movement for a democratic and ecological socialism that links with the wider movement for a better world.